Pro-Lock Valve Lockout System

Operating Instructions

1. Use the Pro-lock with the PVC coated steel wire provided, cut to the required length.
Note: To avoid possibility of minor cuts from the potential frayed cable ends:

a) When cutting PVC cable, be sure not to leave any protruding steel cable beyond PVC coating (Use sharp cutters).

b) As added protection against this, it is recommended, that when securing pro-locks that protective gloves are worn.

2. Secure the object to be locked with the wire.

3. Unscrew the top of the Pro-lock far enough to enable introduction of the wire from the sides.

Close up of Pro-lock Valve Lockout

4. Slot the wire into the lock  (No threading of wire is necessary)

5. Screw down the top, hand tight.

6. Slide the Pro-lock to the optimum position  (much like the knot of a neck tie)

7. Hard tighten using the Operating Tool provided..

8. For added security fit padlocks or security seal, as necessary.

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