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Why Pro-Lock?

Lockout Comparison – Pro-Lock Benefits

Using Chains for Valve Lockout


Not user friendly
Heavy,  Present Manual Handling issues.
Often stored in a tangled heap cut to varying  lengths
Difficult to thread through small openings
Difficult to adjust the length and fit – Always require additional padlocks.

The ideal solution, used with high security padlocks, for remote unmanned locations to prevent vandalism, and theft from pipelines and vessels.

Using Padlocks for Valve Lockout


Can be susceptible to corrosion in salty environments
Can be prone to failure in cold conditions
Useful in the home, so susceptible to pilfering
Keys can be lost
User unfriendly;  Often difficult to read lock and key numbers


Ideal for electrical switchgear. The only solution if you wish to uniquely lock each isolated item. Can be used in addition to most lockout systems. However, the Pro-Lock system is the only system which is capable of being used with or without a padlock.
A selection of High Quality British made Padlocks are available from Pro-lock

Miscellaneous Lockout Devices


Mostly only lock individual valve types
Difficult to use

Gate valve lockout device Gate valve lockout device

Those that lock more than one valve type are expensive. Although good quality and innovative, the prices are

prohibitive compared to other systems.See the Python and hybrid cable locks below:

Python Cable LockPython cable lock

Hybrid lockout deviceHybrid lockout device

Some can be difficult to assemble and user unfriendly.See the ball and Butterfly valve lockout devices below:

Ball valve lockout Ball valve Lockout

butterfly valve lockout Butterfly valve lockout


Possibly can be justified when small numbers are required for infrequent isolations, however, see how the pro-lock valve lockout system also works for the above applications at a fraction of the cost.

One use disposable Cable Seals

one use disposable cable seal


Can be Expensive for Valve Lockout Quality
Disposable, Can only be used once.
Sometimes need two or three for one valve, which are often cut off after a short time
Can be susceptible to corrosion in salty environments
Keys can easily be lost. People tend to pick up a handful but then do not use them all. This soon results in a box of seals and no keys
Can be difficult to use when wearing gloves
Sequential numbers can be difficult to read when new, and impossible after a few weeks in position
Can Create waste, and cause housekeeping issues
Can incur frequent more shipping costs because they are only used once


More cost effective than the systems so far described, however, see how  pro-lock  also works for the above applications at a fraction of the longer term cost. Can be cost effective for very long term isolations. For this reason we offer a selection of aluminium and Stainless Steel cable seals



Secure – even without lock or seal, an Operating Tool is needed to remove.
Locks most types and size of valve.
Cost effective – once purchased, no further lock-off expense, a better investment than disposable, environmentally unsustainable alternatives.
Lightweight – when used in industrial environments, an operator carrying a length of wire and bag of pro-locks can lock-off numerous valves.
Durable – an all stainless steel and Polypropylene construction.
Can be used without padlock security seal if desired.
Padlocks can be used in conjunction with the Pro-lock, thus retaining the advantage of dispensing with chains.
Pro-lock can be tightened by hand – the most effective way of securing the valve or other item determined, before finally locking tight with the dedicated tool.
The wire is introduced from the sides, so avoiding the difficulties of threading wires with worn or splayed ends.
Pro-Locks and wire are available in different colours to allow differentiation between locked open and locked closed valves.The Multi Stranded galvanised wire is PVC coated for added weather protection and increased visibility.


Pro-lock is the best valve lockout device on the market, however, it is not primarily an anti-theft device. If you want to lock up your bike, then select either a padlock and chain or the python lock (shown above in Miscellaneous). This does, however, make pro-lock less likely to be pilfered from the work place.


Pro-lock has an enormous range of possible applications – on construction sites, in industrial environments and, of course, in the offshore and petrochemical industries. Easy to use, reliable and extremely hard wearing, Pro-lock is one of the most effective and versatile locking systems currently available. For maximum security applications, the most cost efficient lock-off combination is Pro-lock, steel wire, and a numbered security seal. Isolation details can be written on security seal, thereby eliminating the need for high cost labels.

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