Pro-Lock Needle Valve Lockout

Reusable Cable Lock for the Needle valve with or without padlocks or security seals

The Pro-Lock Needle valve lockout provides a secure method for isolating Needle valves and most other valve types

The Pro-lock Needle valve lockout secure the handles of the valves and prevent them from being operated. Pro-lock valve lockouts are durable and will not rust or corrode as they are molded from polypropylene and contain only stainless steel internal parts. Ideally a Needle valve handles will be supplied pre-drilled. If not pro-lock, only requires a 4mm hole to be drilled at a suitable point.

Pro-lock Needle valve lockouts are available in Red, Green, and Yellow for easy identification of the employees using the devices, the contents of the pipework being isolated, or whether the valve is locked open, closed or part of a wider isolation.

Needle valve cable lock system
Pro-Lock valve lockout with padlock- PR-01XSRS
ball valve lockout with numbered security seal
Pro-Lock valvbe lockout in Yellow with operator tool

Optional use of padlocks (maximum 6mm shackle diameter) or security seals for evidence of tamper.

Pro-Lock Needle Valve Lockout available in Yellow, Green and Red

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