Pro-Lock Valve Lockout

Reusable Cable Lock. Secure with or without padlocks or security seals

Pro-lock valve lockouts secure the handles of the valves and prevent them from being turn actuated, either in the on or off position. Pro-lock valve lockouts are durable and will not rust or corrode as they are moulded from polypropylene and contain only stainless steel internal parts.

Ideally a valve handle will be supplied pre-drilled. If not pro-lock, only requires a 4mm hole to be drilled at a suitable point.  If this is not possible use Pro-lock valve locking pins (supplied in three sizes). For information specific to particular valve types please click on one of the options below.

Ball Valve Lockout

Pro-Lock Ball Valve Lockout

Gate Valve Lockout

Pro-Lock gate valve lockout device

Butterfly Valve Lockout

Pro-Lock Butterfly valve lockout

Needle Valve Lockout

Needle Valve Lockout - PR-01XSRS