Pro-Lock Xenoy Valve Lockout Padlocks

Xenoy colour selection padlocks

• Durable, lightweight with non-conductive Xenoy lock bodies

• High security 6 pin cylinder lock, upto 100,000 different locking mechanisms

• 1 key to each lock

• Key retaining ensures that padlocks are not left unlocked

• 8 different colour options available for clear identification

• Standard “Do Not Remove” label and write on property labels included front and back

• Can be engraved if required

• 38mm wide x 44mm bodies, vertical shackle clearance 38mm, shackle diameter 6.4mm

• Lock & key number records for this range can be maintained upon request

These Xenoy lockout padlocks are ideal for lockout applications.

Available with 2 standard keying options, keyed to differ or keyed alike. Other keying options can be made upon request.

Xenoy Padlocks Keyed Differently

Product CodeDescriptionPrice
R410GRNXenoy Padlock GreenP.O.A
R410PRPXenoy Padlock PurpleP.O.A
R410REDXenoy Padlock RedP.O.A
R410TEAXenoy Padlock TealP.O.A
R410YLWXenoy Padlock YellowP.O.A
R410ORJXenoy Padlock OrangeP.O.A
R410BLUXenoy Padlock BlueP.O.A
R410BLKXenoy Padlock BlackP.O.A

Xenoy Padlocks Keyed Alike

xenoy padlocks keyed alike
Product CodeDescriptionPrice
R410GRNKXenoy Padlock GreenP.O.A
R410PRPKXenoy Padlock PurpleP.O.A
R410REDKXenoy Padlock RedP.O.A
R410TEAKXenoy Padlock TealP.O.A
R410YLWKXenoy Padlock YellowP.O.A
R410ORJKXenoy Padlock OrangeP.O.A
R410BLUKXenoy Padlock BlueP.O.A
R410BLKKXenoy Padlock BlackP.O.A

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