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Pro-Lock Valve Lockout
Reusable Cable Lock for the:
 Ball Valve, Gate ValveButterfly Valve, and Needle Valve,
All with or without padlocks or security seals.

Patent No. GB2304795
Proved in the North Sea, Used Worldwide

Already used by : Accordis - Amec - Amerada Hess - BP - British Gas - Ciba - Conoco - GlaxoSmithKline - Premier Oil - Haliburton - Huntsman - Nynas - Royal Mint - SBM - Shell - Syngenta - Texaco-Chevron - Total

Multi Stranded PVC Coated, Galvanised Wire can be cut to any length

Pro-lock, Valve lockout is a Universal system, that can complement or even replace, high priced security seals, padlocks and chains. Ideal for the isolation of most types of valves, industrial machinery, and many other items, Pro-lock is molded from Atofina PPC 9760, an impact copolymer polypropylene. It is UV stabilized and all internal parts are manufactured from stainless steel. Pro-lock  is used in conjunction with PVC coated, multi stranded, galvanised, steel wire, supplied, either cut to the required length, or left on the roll as required.

 Pro-Lock Cable Lockout System


Thread the cable through the valve handle. Pro-lock is designed to be locked on to this cable using the special tool provided. For added security, pro-lock can be used in conjunction with padlocks or
security seals

  Pro-lock Operating Tools    

Gate Valve Isolation
 Gate Valve Lockout


Originally designed as a cost effective solution, to lock any type of valve in aggressive offshore environments, Pro-lock is tough and extremely versatile, Function testing has been carried out between -55degC and +55degC with no noticeable reduction in performance. Pro-lock offers a reliable, alternative to expensive or more difficult to use lockout products such as padlocks, chains and security seals.

Audco Valve Isolation
 audco valve lockout

Each Pro-lock is supplied with 1.5 meters of multi-stranded galvanized steel wire (optimum length for valve locking applications). This is PVC coated for added weather protection and increased visibility. This wire may be supplied cut to lengths of 1.5M, and looped at one end for added versatility, or left on roll  (50M) as required. (Note: Heavy duty Angular type cutters are required for cutting the wire.) If the cable is purchased on the roll, Aluminium or Copper ferrules can be supplied to fashion loops on customised lengths. These can be either be tapped in position using a small hammer or pressed into position using various means. (Note2: The loop is useful, but not essential).


Butterfly Valve Isolation
 Butterfly valve lockout
Ensure Butterfly Valves are locked out securely and efficiently

 Ferrule - Can be tapped in place using small hammer   Heavy Duty Angular Bladed Cutters

How Pro-lock Works

No threading of wire is necessary. The wire is slotted in from the side. The top section of the lock is hand tightened to secure the cable on to the valve. The Pro-lock is then slid along to the optimum position, much like the knot of a neck tie, then locked onto the cable using the Pro-lock Operating Tool.

Ball valve locking pins can be supplied to prevent movement and to enable the secure locking of those ball valves, that don't have a drilled valve handle through which to secure the cable. See pic opposite.

 Wire Introduced from sides (No Threading)

Ball Valve Isolation

 Ball Valve Locking Pin, to prevent all movement

 Can be fitted with up to six padlocks if required    Fitted with Security Seal for evidence of Tamper

 Optional use of padlocks (maximum 6mm shackle diameter) or seals for evidence of tamper.

Recently re-introduced to the Pro-lock range, the ALL 316 STAINLESS STEEL, Pro-lock and Cable, with Brass Ferrules either end of the uncoated Cable.
Part No. PR-04XS


Designed for use in Extreme Conditions, unsuitable for the Polypropylene version.

A Stainless Steel Operating Tool is also available
Part No. PR-04TL


Lockout Benefits

Cost effective  Reusable, lightweight and reliable
Easy to use Even when wearing gloves, no keys or cable threading necessary
Durable Simple, sturdy and highly resistant to corrosion and impact damage
Secure Even without a lock or seal, an operating tool is needed to remove it
Versatile Suitable for locking most valves

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 50M Coils in Regular Colours

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